King Chuck says ‘we take Georgia, then we change the world”


Chuck Schumer, a nasty, ineffective senator, told a crowd of his followers in New York City, “Now we take Georgia, then we change the world.”

Someone asked him, “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”

Schumer corrected himself, saying, “Now we take Georgia, and then we change America.”

The sad truth is Georgia is turning blue. The two senators are leftists. Mark Kelly, who was just elected, will take Arizonan’s guns away, which will only be the beginning. Senator Sinema is just as bad.

The governor is still a Republican, but the fact that this presidential race is this close, proves they are about to go to the dark side.

Schumer posted a photo on Twitter of himself out in the streets, and wrote, “Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. Kamala Harris will be the next Vice President of the United States. And a new dawn is coming.”

That would be the dawn of communism. We had this new dawn in 2008, and it was terrible. This one will be much worse.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the entire country will soon be in the control of the hard-left who control the Democrat socialist/communist party.

America, meet your new king, King Chuck of New York.


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