Poland Seems Ready to Go to War with Russia


Just ahead of an Energy EU Council meeting, Anna Moskwa, Poland’s Climate Minister, spoke in English to say that she wants an embargo on all commodities. “After coal, it’s time for oil, and a second step will be gas,” she said. Moskwa wants Russian commodities banned. She also said, “We’re not obliged…to follow Putin’s law,” referencing the payment scheme Russia worked out to continue providing oil and gas to Europe. She’s pushing to continuing to divide the world economies

The Russian scheme allows buyers to make the purchase with dollars or euros. The money is paid to a Russian bank and they convert it to rubles. It doesn’t seem like that much of a problem since converting money to a nation’s currency is routine. It is, however, a sanctions loophole. Then again, Europe can’t give up Russian fuel and survive.

Moskwa calls it “blackmail” for Russia to ask for the money converted.

Moskwa seems to speak for Poland. She said that Poland will not support a peace agreement if it states the surrender of part of Ukraine’s territory to the aggressor’s country. Outside of hearing this from Rep. Cheney, Poland is the first to announce this position publicly.

They are including Crimea where the people voted to remain with Russia. [There were accusations of election fraud.] Russia will never agree.


While the US is invaded from the South, we are on the precipice of a hot war over Ukraine’s borders and sovereignty.

Ukraine is a very divided country between East and West. Russian descendants live in the East.

It should also be noted that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations in the world. They have served as an ATM for wealthy Americans, although it’s not only Americans who fleece the nation. The corruption is said to be endemic.  Allegedly, it’s the second most corrupt nation in Europe.

President Zelensky has reportedly stashed millions in offshore accounts while demanding $7 billion per month in aid. Even the IMF Bolsheviks cut off Ukraine because it is so corrupt.


Ms. Moskwa wants nations that do pay in rubles to face punishment. “Poland holds necessary gas reserves and sources of supply which protect our security because for years we have been becoming effectively independent of Russia. Our storage facilities are full at 76%. Polish households will not run short of gas,”  she said  at a recent presser at her ministry.

Moskwa said on May 1 that the Polish-Lithuanian gas pipeline GIPL was launched. How much this replaces Russian gas, we can’t say.

“As planned, gas from Lithuania flows to Poland from today,” she wrote on Twitter.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said mid-March that Warsaw would make a formal submission to send a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine at the next NATO summit, Reuters reported.

That would put NATO in the line of fire. The only one who could do that is the UN.

Here in the States, we have the same people. Earlier today, Rep. Kinzinger said he wants to give demented Joe Biden authorization to start a hot war with Russia. He added that if there is a chemical or nuclear attack, we must put soldiers on the ground to protect Ukraine. This is as no one is protecting our borders. The problem, of course, is that Ukraine stages assaults and he gave them incentive to stage a biological attack.


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