KJP Says Trump’s Trial Is “Related to the 2024 Elections”


An AP reporter asked KJP if it was “appropriate for Speaker Johnson to show up at the trial of the former president today?”

KJP didn’t want to comment because it was “related to the 2024 elections.” What did she mean by that?

“So, look, I can’t speak to — uh — um — I don’t want to comment,” KJP said. “Obviously, as this is related to 2024 elections, and I can’t speak to the speaker’s schedule.

“That is something for him to decide on, and let’s not forget, this is also connected to an independent judicial process.

“So, going to be really mindful and he makes his choices on what he does, Um — um — you know, with his business that is his choice to be made.

KJP Talked About Tariffs

The administration is going to levy tariffs after doing nothing for three-and-a-half years. When Trump levied tariffs on China, he was called a racist.

“What I can speak to is, obviously, what the President is — is speaking to today as it relates to 301 tariffs, making sure that he’s protecting American workers, protecting American businesses, making sure that when we — that, you know, when we’re allowed to compete in a fair way, we can thrive and that’s what you heard from this President.

“And what we’ve learned and we’ve seen from what the speaker is — obviously leading — in with congressional Republicans is that they want to talk — they want to cut — they want to cut medical — Medicare. They want to cut — um, you know, they want to cut Social Security. They want to get things — rid of things that the American people truly, truly care about.

“And so, our focus is going to continue to build an economy from the bottom up, the middle out, and, you know, this is something that we can speak to. I think the contrast between what we do here and what Republicans — more broadly, Republicans in Congress do is, I think, couldn’t be more stark.”

In other words, she admits the Manhattan trial is about the election. Biden is moving toward tariffs as Donald Trump did, so Biden can look good for the elections, and it won’t be enough – China is eating our lunch. She lied about Republicans wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare. KJP said they’re building the economy when they’re not, but they are actively destroying it.

Ric Grenell addressed the tariffs with Rob Schmitt on NewsmaxTV last night.

“It’s a deathbed conversion,” Grenell said, “and it’s a little too little too late. I mean, look, Joe Biden is scrambling. The Democrats aren’t stupid, rob. They know they’re losing and losing big.

“And so, they’re going to do things like pretend they’re working on the border, pretend to take on China. Soon, they’ll be talking about how strong they are diplomatically, yet it’s a disaster after disaster. And it’s going to take a lot of money, and it’s going to take a lot of Washington DC media types to convince the rest of the country that inflation isn’t out of control, the border isn’t open, and we don’t have two wars on our hands.

Schmitt said that they obviously think the people are stupid because “when you grift that way, I mean when we watched Joe Biden just basically took Trump’s entire campaign and ran with it himself because he knew he needed to win those states back that Trump had won. He needed to win back the blue wall. That’s why they anointed him to be the candidate in 2020. People have to see through this…

“I mean they have to realize that Joe Biden has never been an America first politician,” Rob continued. “that he spent 3 1/2 years doing nothing about China, doing nothing spectacular for foreign policy.”

He then asked Grenell if Biden could pull one over on the American people.

Grenell said, “You hit it right on the head. They think the American people are stupid, and they’re a bunch of elites in Washington, DC, thinking they can cook up a plan, have the media push it, and that people are just going to follow.

“But I think that your gas pump, your grocery aisle, your border, your pocketbook, all of those things are telling the American people that this administration is disastrous, and so it won’t work.

Trump Completely Changed the Republican Party

Grenell continued. “Something that is fun to watch is how Donald Trump has completely changed the Republican Party. We are not the party of Mitt Romney and rich, wealthy people anymore. Go to a Trump rally. It’s first and second-generation Americans. It’s working class, and it’s people of color. It is the middle class…

“That’s why in Washington, all these elites who like to just sit around and drink tea and cook up policies that they can shove down the American people’s throat, that’s why they don’t want [Trump] in Washington.

“He’s bringing the people’s voice to Washington. This is very clear to me. I’ve watched politics for 25 years. Donald Trump has upended the Republican Party to make it of the people.

He brought up the recent Pelosi debate at Oxford, where she trashed populism as anti-Democratic when there is nothing more democratic.

Populism as a Threat to Democracy

Grenell said, “I’ve heard so many of these elites talk about how populism is such a threat to the country. The Hillarys and the Pelosis just had that moment in Oxford where Nancy Pelosi was there for that debate. Populism is as democratic as it gets, right? I mean this is bringing a voice to the voiceless who in this country have been voiceless for decades now. There’s been a machine in place …”

He said that some of the smartest people in his life have been people of middle-class values, have never worked in Washington DC, and have so much common sense.

“They don’t understand why we are sending all this money to Washington DC for the Department of Education when education is on the grassroots, local level, and I’m like, yeah, it doesn’t make any sense, you’re right. But politicians get trapped in DC.

“They don’t know how to zoom out and just look at everything objectively and just say what what the hell exactly are we doing here?”


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