Klaus Schwab Sees Everyone Microchipped in Next 10 Years


When Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset, talks about fusing the physical, digital, and biological world, he is also talking about microchipping everyone. First, microchips will be implanted in our clothes and eventually, our brains or skin.

Certainly, in the next ten years, everyone will be implanted with chips, he says. It will enable direct communication between our brain and the digital world.

Once chipped, we don’t need to do a thing to reach the digital world. It will be natural, notes the host.

Schwab says, “Yes, you talk and you say, ‘I want to talk and be connected with anyone now.'”

First, you will have personalized bots with AI, according to Schwab. The robot will not only be your “assistant for manual work,” but “it can be an intellectual partner for you.”

Okay, so I’m supposed to put an iPhone chip in my brain and be tied to the machines 24/7 and I can have robots for friends instead of humans. Great idea Schwab. Get lost.

Schwab wants to change what it means to be human.



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10 months ago

Is there not a single person with incurable brain cancer, and the balls to take this effer out

Rushton M Sedberry Jr
Rushton M Sedberry Jr
10 months ago

DNA sample at birth is all that is needed.

Rushton M Sedberry Jr
Rushton M Sedberry Jr
10 months ago

They take DNA at birth.

Rushton M Sedberry Jr
Rushton M Sedberry Jr
10 months ago

The technology already exists. It is called a rnm brain freak. It connects to tortureware 6.66. The fbi call it non investigative subject list. These are the targeted individuals i.e. Havana Syndrome. It is real and it is scary. They use remote neural monitoring for sports betting and for child rape. Rnm is remote neural monitoring.

It is really scary. The fbi and Cia are involved and are torturing people with this technology.

Scotty Gunn
10 months ago

Don’t think you will get to just jump to Heaven without having to ride out the downfall. America needs your help. Prepare to defend Her…