Klaus Schwab Sees Everyone Microchipped in Next 10 Years


When Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset, talks about fusing the physical, digital, and biological world, he is also talking about microchipping everyone. First, microchips will be implanted in our clothes and eventually, our brains or skin.

Certainly, in the next ten years, everyone will be implanted with chips, he says. It will enable direct communication between our brain and the digital world.

Once chipped, we don’t need to do a thing to reach the digital world. It will be natural, notes the host.

Schwab says, “Yes, you talk and you say, ‘I want to talk and be connected with anyone now.'”

First, you will have personalized bots with AI, according to Schwab. The robot will not only be your “assistant for manual work,” but “it can be an intellectual partner for you.”

Okay, so I’m supposed to put an iPhone chip in my brain and be tied to the machines 24/7 and I can have robots for friends instead of humans. Great idea Schwab. Get lost.

Schwab wants to change what it means to be human.



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The Great Reset Leap Forward
The Great Reset Leap Forward
2 months ago

Adolf Schwab took some Viagra?
That is why the pedal to the medal is in effect, these ancient fossil globalists want it done now.

2 months ago

What Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum really want is to turn the Peasants into domesticated Pets. What Klaus Schwab is really talking about is the Matrix where AI will actually take control of your mind. Do what Klaus Schwab wants and the implant will stimulate your “Pleasure” centers. Don’t Obey and it’s the Pain Centers. Become a pain in their ass and with a flick of a switch, you drop dead.

But you also have to understand that the self proclaimed “Masters of the Human Race” don’t see a need for many humans anyway, so the Herd can be culled of at least 7,500,000,000 People so that people like Schwab will have more resources for things like their private jets. The problem with people like Schwab is they have no hope in Human creativity to figure out how to get us to the “Star Trek” future. These people are stuck in a finite world; their little bubble. These people really don’t have very creative minds. They have spent their lives as Grifters using Government to redistribute Your Wealth to them. They are the money manipulation class, not the Producer Class. Note that almost all the people who are Globalist never held real jobs. They think they are some kind of Royalty and are products of Indoctrination by Elite Educational Institutions. They think the Deplorables are the problem with the World when it’s really them!

The Klaus Schwab type people of the World are very, very dangerous psychopaths, but today’s “Educators” are even more dangerous. They are indoctrinating our children to be the Domesticated Pets of the Insanely dumb, but highly educated Elites. Some of the dumbest people I have known worked as Professors in well respected Colleges. They were all theory without any clue as to how to apply their knowledge in the real world. They are like Quack Fauci. Fauci can hypothesize about what a virus “could” do, but was totally wrong about what it did do. So he come up with all the wrong ideas of what society needed to do to counter the threat. Governments of the World are run by these stupid, but educated Bureaucrats and that is a serious problem as they have been given incredible power without accountability. Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are not accountable to The People of the World in any way shape or form, but have a huge influence on what Governments do to people.

Hogan's Heroes 87
Hogan's Heroes 87
2 months ago

From the history books:

Herr Schwab was a member of the Hitler Jugend before the family emigrated to Switzerland.

A Cardinal and a Goose Oh My
A Cardinal and a Goose Oh My
2 months ago

@ GG,

Saw a tweet about Star Trek calling it deluxe gay space communism.
It was in response to comrade Takei of the ST Borg.

2 months ago

Matthew 24:42
(42) “”Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come””

*Christ told the parable of The Fig Tree
That parable started on May 14th, 1948.

*Christ clearly said those of that generation shall not pass
before he returns. 73 years ago, how much time is left?