Klaus’s Right Hand Man Gave a Plug to Kemp for Dissing ‘Election Deniers’


Gov. Kemp, “Deer in headlights?”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp accepted the invitation to the World Economic Forum at Davos and sat on a panel with far-left Democrats and a RINO Republican from Florida. Børge Brende, Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man, led off by asking Mr. Kemp about the “election deniers” and how Kemp “didn’t really give in to that.”

Kemp nodded affirmatively and said he “didn’t want to speculate on every Republican candidate, Congress or the Senate.” He rambled a bit about how the people in the state of Georgia want to know what they will get in the next four years.

Well, they got two Marxist senators, a RINO governor, and a RINO Secretary of State.

The election in Georgia and throughout much of the country was crooked.

That is how the panel discussion started, and while Kemp made some good points on conservative issues, that intro with Brende was damaging. We prefer Gov. DeSantis’s approach, no, no WEF, never.

Mr. Kemp turned to his success in opening up Georgia during the pandemic. Kemp added he was pushing for election security. The Governor called for securing the border, saying it is causing a fentanyl crisis. “Secure the dang border,” he said as Brende moved on.

Kemp sat next to the far-left Democrat Governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, and listened in silence as he trashed Republicans.

Calling Pritzker a “man of merit” is like calling Stalin a loving grandfather.

Also on the panel was Delaware Senator Chris Coons, an ally of Joe Biden’s. The other ‘Republican’ on the World Economic Forum’s panel on American governance was Florida Rep. Maria Salazar, who wants “citizenship” and “dignity” for all the people who crossed our borders illegally.

All in all, Brende was the winner and two Republicans helped make that happen.

The entire video can be watched on this link.

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