Gov. Kemp at Davos, Promoting Conservatism Like a RINO


For everyone who worried about Brian Kemp going to speak to the globalist madmen at Davos, they shouldn’t have worried. He promoted conservatism, albeit from a RINO point of view.

Kemp’s speech was a long shout-out for some conservative values as he tried to sell Georgia to billionaires. He promoted the private sector and pushed for securing the southern border. He also pushed for the movie industry in his state. Unfortunately, they are moving in and turning the state to the political left.

He criticized the Davos-backed COVID lockdowns and compared those who attacked him for reopening Georgia to people living in their parent’s basement.

There is something to be said for going to these things and offering another point of view calmly. The WEFers live in an echo chamber with elitists and out-of-touch wealthy people. WEFers think they have an image problem, but in fact, their problem is their real agenda has been exposed.

Brian Kemp went to Davos to lure them and their money into Georgia, and he did talk about closing the borders and his contempt for lockdowns.

Many are concerned that he would go to Davos to give them credibility. Conservatives prefer Gov. DeSantis’s approach – no WEF, never, not here in Florida.

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