Kneeling team represents BLM not the USA at Olympics, then loses


The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, led by the politically charged Megan Rapinoe, represented America on the world stage by taking a knee before their match on Wednesday, only made worse by the 3-0 loss against Sweden.

The USWNT managed to kill the remaining fun to be had with the Olympic Games in Tokyo by making things political and anti-American.

The kneeling Women’s soccer team led by Rapinoe, the angry anti-American athlete, even got the Swedes to kneel to dishonor the United States.

They also honored the racist, anti-family, communist movement Black Lives Matter who hope to destroy law enforcement and capitalism. The players wore BLM shirts. That’s who they represent, not the USA.

Here is a very good clip from Greg Kelly:

Here’s a glimpse at her awful talk show. She’s sitting with fake history writer Nikole Hannah-Jones and crazy AOC.

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West Zimbabwe
West Zimbabwe
2 years ago

Something similar happened to Englandstan with their precious diversity pets who didn’t score while the two white guys…GOAL!
Purple durple can go model for Victoria’s Secret (bleh) until they go all tranny.
Did you know Satan is a tranny?
Traitors and fellow traveler Long Marchers think they got it all worked out with the perfect plan but Lennie Small just accidentally smashed a mouse.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

It’s good news. When athletes get politically distracted, especially when they dishonor our nation, they inevitably lose. A lady on Newsmax said she thinks that the protesting caused dissension in the team and led to the loss.

They were shutout by Sweden in the first round. Sweden has 3% of our population, and does not have year round weather for soccer.

I say kick the radicals off the team if the USA wants to win.