Maxine Waters calls for racist housing giveaways in massive spending bill


In the most blatantly racist act yet by the administration, Maxine Waters calls for race-based preference to be included in the massive spending package, The Washington Times reports.

California Democrat Waters proposed a race-based down-payment program to be included in President Biden’s $3.5 trillion packages of health care, clean energy, and anti-poverty programs — the “human infrastructure.”

White prospective homebuyers would be eligible for the $20,000 grants, but people of color would fit the criteria.

Waters would give another $5,000 in down-payment assistance to members of a “socially disadvantaged group.” The legislation defines the group as those “identifying as Black, Hispanic, Native American, or Asian American, or any combination thereof.”

It’s clearly racist and it’s similar to the endless reparations idea that Kamala Harris came up with.

The Left is constantly trying to force reparations down our throats through racist policies.

In May, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, a conservative legal nonprofit, sued the Biden administration for prioritizing COVID-19 relief funds for bars and restaurants owned by minorities.

In June, a Florida federal court judge granted a preliminary injunction blocking another Biden administration relief program that forgave loans of Black farmers.

Dan Lennington, a deputy counsel of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, said there is a “100%” guarantee that his firm will consider suing if Ms. Waters’ proposal passes.

“Helping out first-generation homebuyers is a good, racial-neutral way to solve a problem. But adding the term ‘socially disadvantaged’ makes the $5,000 benefit a racial classification that would be subject to strict scrutiny by federal courts,” Mr. Lennington said. “If challenged in court, the agency implementing this policy would have a difficult time justifying this program, and we would anticipate significant litigation.”

That’s not who we are.

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