Know-Nothing Juan Williams Gets Hammered on The Five


Usually, we mute Juan Williams when he comes on Fox but watching him up against Sean Hannity Tuesday was worth keeping the sound on.

FNC commenter Juan Williams tried to spread fear and disinformation in a discussion on The Five about the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court. He didn’t have a valid argument as usual.

Jesse Waters asked Juan if he was having nightmares over the nomination. Juan said something about his fellow panelists all being an “echo chamber”. That’s ironic coming from the walking Democrat talking point himself.

“This is what Blumenthal was talking about. Fringe candidates,” Williams said about Judge Kavanagh.

There is nothing “fringe” about Judge Kavanagh, and some conservatives are worried he is too liberal. Judge Kavanagh will follow the rule of law as best he can interpret it. He is extremely intelligent and learned. He will do fine.

Juan thinks the two liberal Republicans, Collins and Murkowski, will refuse to vote for him, but the panel reminded him they already have voted for him.

The panel joked about Sen. Dick Durbin telling the red-state Democrats to fall on their swords and give up re-election to not vote for Kavanagh.

The real fringe people are the Democrats. Sean Hannity, who was hosting The Five yesterday, pointed that out. He also told Juan to stop spouting “CNN lies.”

The rumor of Hillary running in 2020 came up and Hannity endorsed her.

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