LA City Council calls for kneeling, replaces police with unarmed responders for some calls


The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday approved the first step in a plan to replace Los Angeles Police Department officers with community-based, unarmed emergency responders for non-violent calls for service.

Don’t take the job people.


This will include domestic calls, drug abuse, and incidents related to mental health. It would include neighbor disputes.

This totally insane idea will result in many lost lives. Some of the most dangerous police calls are these types of calls.

The LAPD is already without adequate police staffing but the far-far-left city council plans to keep defunding them. They have a lot of criminals asserting their political power in LA, and they don’t believe in enforcement.

“This is the dawn of a new era of public safety in Los Angeles,” said council member Herb Wesson, who co-authored the motion. “The bottom line is that the way things have been going is not working for our communities. This last month has made that crystal clear. We have a responsibility to listen to our people, and our people have spoken.”

It is the dawn of new murders. So many more people will die. It’s not going to work because some people are evil.

The council cut $150 million from the police budget. It will take staffing to its lowest level in twelve years as the country, and LA, in particular, becomes more dangerous.


According to texts obtained by @aurabogado, LAPD Deputy Chief Dominic Choi texted Chief Michel Moore on June 2, saying city council president Nury Martinez wants LAPD to order officers at the city hall to take a knee. Chief Moore refused, saying he won’t order anyone to take a knee.

They must now bow to the cop haters who attack them?

And the Chinese Communist Party ally King James will likely show up in his ‘defund police’ jersey:

The police force is diverse, but these hard-left people don’t care. It was never about diversity, it was about taking down the United States.



  1. Everyone knows that domestic calls are the most violent and unpredictable calls. Sending in unarmed and untrained responders is suicide. Good for LAPD Police Chief Moore for refusing the City Council president’s order for his officers to take a knee in City Hall. Don’t take a knee there, or anywhere, unless you’re in church!

  2. I just don’t understand Liberals. Help me.

    One of my buddies had his first kid so I sent my 2 picture books I made years ago, a fun dog rhyming like Dr. Seuss style with pics of animals and cars.

    She was angry, her friends, Peta type stuff. Her parents pish-poshed the 2nd cuz I had a vehicle that transported the shuttle for launch with a rhyme, says NASA and the government blah, blah. Also it was “male toxic” society I was pumping with motorcycles and cars, etc.

    So…WTF? Has the world gotten this crazy?

    I’m sending links for both books, not for y’all to buy, ain’t about that, but to see the free inside of each and possibly figure out how these two picture books are evil to these groups of liberals and kids?

    Animals one

    Vroom one

    • I didn’t look at the books yet, but right off the bat, why didn’t she just thank you for your thoughtful gift? How rude.

      Why angry? She exists in a very narrow world with people who only think just like her.

  3. “King James”…?? …disgusting. Pull ALL, every single cop, out of the Arena – and all the parking lots, and all the surrounding streets at their next game. NO SHOW the damn thing. let’s see what happens. It won’t take 20 minutes to become a riot as soon as all the people there realize there ain’t no stopping them from anything they want to take or drink or eat or do…..It’ll be fun to watch.

  4. So they are going to send some whinny little crybaby liberal social worker out on a domestic call. Just watch them run and scream for the police when the domestic thing turns violent as they often do.

  5. This is a Marxist uprising and America had better WTF up. We don’t have to worry about re-education camps, we already have them in the form of our High Schools, colleges and universities who are already indoctrinating our youth.

  6. Let the police in LA sit back and let the social workers take over. Soon, people in LA will be dropping like flies from all the killers on the streets and no one to stop them. Keep it up, you stupid morons and the military will be brought out to take care of the violence and killings with lots of violence and killings of their own.

  7. Even Antifa and BLM will see these new, unarmed “responders” for what they are: police. Our “leaders” will disassemble the police department and hire new “officers” who they’ll send out, unarmed, to police the community. LOL! It’s stupidity. Sheer stupidity. Sadly, the end-result is obvious to even the most ignorant idiots among us. Emboldened criminals, more crime, more violent crime, “responder” (police) casualties, and a city that looks like CHOP…or Joker’s version of Gotham. It’s shocking that folks are allowing this. The politicians should be sent to prison for malfeasance. If they live long enough. As the march to Seattle Mayor Durkan’s home proved…the mob has no regard for the Neville Chamberlain’s among us. They don’t fear or respect the collaborators and appeasers among us. They see them as fodder.

  8. No worries. Nobody will take the neighborhood policing jobs. Leftists morons are all double talk and no action. They want what they want only for you and me, not for themselves. It’s all good until BLM and Antifa terrorists arrive in their neighborhoods. Phony morons all.

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