Policeman murdered, another beaten & police forced to remove riot gear in a riot shooting


The police go out every day as targets to protect and serve, as politicians call to defund them, Americans do nothing of merit to support them, and the lunatics continue to abuse them.


In New York City, which is rapidly going out of control, one person was shot per hour in a twelve hour period. One victim was a child who was shot in the leg. As New York City spirals out of control, the lunatics in charge are defunding the police.

Senseless murder after senseless murder as de Blasio cuts $1 billion from the police budget and AOC calls for more, much more in the way of cuts.


A Tulsa police officer with a wife and two children was murdered at a traffic spot by a criminal without tags and a long rap sheet.

Sergeant Craig Johnson


In Louisville, police were threatened with suspension if they didn’t take off riot gear at a ‘protest’ shooting.

The order showed a complete disregard for the officers’ safety, retired Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) Officer George Rodman told WAVE.

“Last night, officers were commanded (under threat of immediate suspension) to remove protective equipment, up to and including ballistic-rated helmets and approach an unruly crowd with a ‘soft approach,’” Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President Berl Perdue said in a press release on Sunday.

The only purpose of this is to put political correctness before the safety of our officers. What makes it worse is these so-called protesters are violent revolutionaries.


In Dallas, an off-duty Dallas police officer was attacked and beaten on Thursday night after he told a group of people to leave a closed swimming pool area at an apartment complex.

Dallas Police Association President Michael Mata said the officer works as a courtesy patrol officer at the apartment complex, and was off-duty and at home that evening, WFAA reported.

He was asked to clear out the area.

A few people left after they were asked to do so, but three or four of them stayed and “began talking about Black Lives Matter,” WFAA reported.

The officer left the pool area and went to the parking lot where he proceeded to take pictures of the vehicles he thought belonged to the people trespassing in the pool area.

That’s when he was jumped from behind by several men, WFAA reported.

The officer was struck in the back and kicked multiple times by the cowards, and ultimately knocked unconscious.

He called 911 when he woke up and reported the attack, according to WFAA.

Mata said he believed the man was attacked because he is a Dallas police officer.



The hard left has control of the schools, the media, entertainment, and politicians. The next logical step is to destroy the thin blue line that stands between us and complete anarchy. The anarchists are demanding we defund the police. That is so extreme and so insane yet people like the communist Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio is doing it.


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