LA DA Won’t Charge Chappelle Attacker with a Felony


Communista Soros-DA in Los Angeles, George Gascon will not charge the Dave Chappelle attacker with a felony. The attacker, allegedly a trans man Isaiah Lee, 23, was allegedly angry about Chappelle’s trans jokes. Chappelle insults everyone equally – it’s his schtick. Lee’s obviously a man and not trans into anything at the moment.

Lee was armed with a knife in a fake gun. At least one report said that he wasn’t charged with a felony because he didn’t take the knife out. He’s being charged with a misdemeanor.

If you go up on stage and tackle a man like that while armed, then you should be charged with a felony.

Lee’s brother said he’s mentally ill and has some ties to the trans community.

Lee was tackled by security guards who appeared to break his arm in the melee. He is described as weighing 140lbs and is 5ft 11.

The weapon used during the attack on Chappelle.

A Dave Chappelle rep said the attack was “unfortunate and unsettling”, but he won’t let it interfere with his Netflix series.

The Attack:

He did get punished though:

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