LA demands vaccines for some venues


Days after California rejected the recall of communist Gavin Newsom, LA County went further into the dark hole of mandatory vaccinations.

Fox 11 Los Angeles shared a recording of County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer speaking to the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday about the new health directive, set to go into effect later this week.

Ferrer said indoor portions of bars, breweries, wineries, lounges and nightclubs will have to begin requiring proof of vaccinations for customers and employees, along with outdoor events with more than 10,000 people.

They’ve already destroyed one-third of their restaurants, but restaurants are only recommended to require vaccination.

One dose is required by October 7 and a second by November 4. It affects all major sports stadiums in the area.

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10 months ago

California is a lost cause. Think about it, the people of California just voted for tyranny. The People of California apparently are hell bent on Communism. The State is in Decline. It’s headed for Bankruptcy. On Net, more people leave California instead of move there. California has the highest poverty in America. California has the highest percentage of Homeless in America. They love the idea of Illegal Immigrants; Slave Labor. They don’t require any ID to vote. I say to Red States don’t secede from the Union. Red States need to band together and throw California out then take a serious look at the reset of the West Coast and the North East. I’d be fine with say a 40 State Union of True Capitalist. Let the Communist Democrats create a Communist Hell Whole, but don’t drag us down with you. The thing about Conservatives is we believe in Freedom. Instead, of enslaving you, Conservatives are open to idea of letting California be free to commit Social Suicide.

Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
10 months ago

I’d like to report an error-Dominion (CPUSA) rejected the recall of the gruesome lizard Newsome..
One day the world will be a better place and the land of fruits and nuts will be deeper than Atlantis with Arizona having some beautiful oceanfront properties.
Tons of California, New Jersey, Georgia, plates here now and they can all F’ right off back to their utopias that they couldn’t wait to get away from.
A news aggregator has a link with the attention grabbing headline FDA resignations mean the reckoning regarding the COV-LARP is coming says page can’t be displayed.
The truth has a way of always getting out because a higher power wants it that way.