LA Homeless officials, paid more than the White House Cabinet, want your money


California today

There is a projected $675 million deficit in socialist, one-party Los Angeles. The city officials cashed in on their efforts to combat the swelling housing crisis in 2020, and yet homelessness grew.

The caring party pays city employees working with the homeless more than White House cabinet officials, Fox News reports.

According to auditors at OpentheBooks, 20,000 city employees across all departments make over $150,000.

The Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department aids people in poverty by administering Section 8 federal grants, rent stabilization policies, the housing code, and services to the homeless population. They employed some 737 people costing $55 million in 2020.

It keeps growing without solving the problem as is typical of big government.

In one example, the report notes that former Housing and Community Investment director, Rushmore Cervantes, who resigned in July, earned $254,937 annually – compared to a $199,700 annual salary for former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson.

According to the city census for 2020, there were 40,000 homeless people in Los Angeles city limits that year, a 14.2% increase from the year before.


In an effort to save money, City Council members have voted to eliminate 843 positions – with 628 of those being from the Los Angeles Police Department. They said the layoffs could be avoided if they can find other ways to cut costs, or if the city receives more federal aid.

The Democrat leaders want federal taxpayers to keep bailing them out which Joe Biden plans to do.

The Democrats are laying off the police to cover outlandish salaries. They are doing it for ineffective employees handing out taxpayer dollars using failed looney policies.

The over-paid officials are in charge of the problem. Does anyone think they have an incentive to solve it?

One of the highest-paid government officials is Dr. Fauci at $417,000 a year. He gives us all whiplash with his ever-changing mandates that are in complete contradiction to each other. That’s how big socialist government works.

Democrats want a one-party Democrat socialist government, and they want it now.

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