LA Mayor Does Not Exhale When He ‘Lawlessly’ Removes His Mask


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was caught without his mask but he explained he doesn’t exhale. He holds his breath. That’s his excuse. What a clown show.

He passes these ‘laws’ that you can’t take off your mask and then does it himself. However, now you can do the same as long as you don’t breathe.

Why is he wearing a mask outdoors at a game anyway? Why does anyone have to wear a mask outdoors in the first place. It’s ridiculous.

The Left loves the control — too much.

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More Mask Mania
More Mask Mania
1 year ago

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti didn’t exhale much like former President Clinton didn’t inhale when he was smoking weed.

Mask Formation Psychosis
Mask Formation Psychosis
1 year ago

Let them remove the mask and reveal the totalitarian rules for thee but not for me control freaks that they really are.
Will CA start punishing those who pack up and leave? (rhetorical)
Family that lived there have all relocated to Arizona and other places.
Will the last productive people to leave please turn out the lights.