LA Schools Offer a “Queer All School Year” Calendar


LGBTQIA+ colors

The Los Angeles Unified School District  (LAUD) offers schools and teachers a “Queer All School Year” calendar that provides a blueprint for promoting LGBT pride throughout the year.

Seriously, They’re grooming the children all year. Nothing about heterosexuality, just LGBT+ PRIDE all year.

Documents from the LAUD Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity office contain a month-by-month plan for schools to promote gay and transgender ideology to students in different ways.

The documents, obtained by conservative education activist and Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Christopher Rufo, encourage school staff to promote LGBT+ throughout the year.

Christopher Rufo tweeted, “I have obtained a trove of documents from the district’s Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity department, which has created an entire infrastructure to translate the basic tenets of academic Queer Theory into K-12 pedagogy.

The “Standing with LGBTQ+ Students, Staff and Families,” run by school administrators, taught “local social justice engagement” and gave out free “gender-affirming clothing,” the documents stated.

Teachers were instructed how students can be “Muslim and Trans” and taught how to address different “religious objections” to gender theory.

A trans-affirming calendar,  “Queer All School Year,” featured different pride events each month, such as the “Standing With LGBTQ Students Conference,” according to the documents.

The training program “Queering Culture & Race” promoted the abandonment of gendered expressions such as “boys and girls.”

The calendar lists things such as the following:

Beginning in August, “support students in starting a GSA or Rainbow Club.”

“Prep for next month’s Solidarity Week, and teach LGBT- inclusive curriculum all year” in September.

“Post-LGBTQ-affirming signs in your office, classrooms, and around campus” in December.

This is grooming, it’s nuts, and it’s corrupt. It looks like they’re trying to drive all the children into gender dysphoria.

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