Land of the Long White Cloud Redefines Terrorism as Political Disagreements


New Zealand – the “land of the long white cloud” – has evolved into a police state overnight. COVID-19 restrictions allowed the totalitarians to rise to the top. emboldened by new powers after the pandemic, the administration has recently expanded the definition of a terrorist to anyone who disagrees with their policies.

Jacinda Ardern turns New Zealnd into a police state.

The government is telling New Zealanders – Kiwis – to report potential terrorists, including friends and family members to police. Hitler did the exact same thing.

In October, the New Zealand Service released a guide to help the public ‘turn in’ potential terrorists,  including friends or family members.

Terrorists are people who oppose government policies including COVID measures.

Welcome to 1984.

People who disagree with government policies are not terrorists. Bombers are terrorists. Mass shooters are terrorists. People who deliberately run over people in Waukesha are terrorists.

As Benjamin Franklin’s old adage goes: “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” And they’ll probably end up losing both.

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