Lara Logan torches leftist Marie Harf


Leftist Marie Harf, a former aide to far-left John Kerry, went off on a Democrat talking point about Michael Flynn today on ‘Outnumbered.’ She also lied about the Russian collusion. Lara Logan lashed back with facts.

Marie Harf says “Bill Barr has made it clear that he sees his job as one of defending the president.” Lara Logan snapped back, “I’m not sure there’s a word that came out of your mouth that’s actually true.”

Airhead Marie Harf is a regular Fox commentator. She appears mostly on ‘Outnumbered’ and has made the show unwatchable.

Harf claimed the Attorney General said it was okay to lie. That obviously isn’t what Attorney General Bill Barr was conveying. He explained that there was no evidence Michael Flynn lied or meant to deceive to the agents. The three-star general was framed and then threatened.

She lied about the president’s alleged ‘Russian contacts.’ Yet Obama campaign associates met with “folks” linked to Hamas—a US-designated terror group— in 2008. Also, there was that whole “Iran deal” thing where people linked to regime intelligence were frequent White House guests. Obama also set up a backdoor to the Mullahs no one knew about. Now, those are foreign contacts. Why weren’t they screaming about The Logan Act then?

Watch Ms. Logan dissect Harf’s nonsense:

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