Large unruly crowd now heading for Gracie Mansion


A large, unruly crowd [mob], according to police, is marching to Gracie Mansion. Good. I wonder if they have their bombs and lighters with them.

There is no way this is a peaceful protest any longer. It’s a violent movement, a rally to get a senile old Democrat elected as president. Their message isn’t about George Floyd, it’s a get out the vote rally for Democrats.

Democrats won’t do their jobs and are allowing anarchy in their cities, but the President is constantly criticized for tweets.

Right now, these people are violating the 8 O’Clock curfew.

Foolish residents are cheering them on.

This bozo surrendered New York City to looters and rioters:

Democrats in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Raleigh, North Carolina won’t allow police to do their jobs so they can keep them out of harm’s way. Are these people sane?

Media Democrats are even comparing these violent losers to the Boston Tea Party and claiming looting is not violent.

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No Mercy No Sympathy
No Mercy No Sympathy
3 years ago

I don’t feel sorry for people who vote CPUSA and neither should you.