Largest Ever Protests in the History of Germany Are Anti-Vax & It Won’t Matter


First reported by Summit News, a prominent German newspaper Die Welt reported there were wide-ranging anti-mandate protests “even in the smallest villages.”

“The government is concerned about the decentralized actions,” reports the newspaper. One source labeled the “immensity” of the demonstrations “depressing.”

Munich protests after the Mayor banned protests.

According to the newspaper, the protests against the corona policy are far larger than those against the Iraq War, NATO armament, or greenhouse gas emissions.

That is probably because they are not grassroots but the anti-vax protests are.

They added that never before in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany have there been more extensive demonstrations than in these weeks. The Federal Ministry of the Interior counted for the penultimate Monday alone 1046 protest actions nationwide with a total of 188,000 participants. Piotr Kocyba from the Institute for Protest and Movement Research tells WELT: “The immense breadth of the Corona protests is at the same time impressive, but also depressing.”

They aren’t going to respond by addressing the wishes of the people. They’re just depressed.

A scandal in Hamburg where the Mayor falsely claimed that the unvaccinated represented 95% of COVID cases didn’t do anything to restore trust. A Senate investigation reported the actual number to be 14.3%, according to the report.

Regardless, the German government still plans to make the vaccine mandatory. Why is this the hill they want to die on?

Authoritarians taking over the Western World have learned that they can do whatever they want.

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Vaccine Mandates = Communism
Vaccine Mandates = Communism
10 months ago

Let them east cake. Les Miserable comes to mind as our freedoms get chipped away. Little by little until bam, we’ve all become slaves or worse. There was an amazing anti vax mandate rally in DC on Sunday. They say over 20,000 showed up to protest vax mandates. The speaker’s were phenomenal. It’s encouraging to see so many people standing up against the tyrants. Praying that it makes a difference.

10 months ago

When you value your ‘stuff’ (and your hide) more than freedom, you are officially a ‘slave’.

10 months ago

Without guns, you have nothing. If you HAVE guns, but not the will to use them, you also have nothing.

william hunter
10 months ago

Montreal Canada here. It’s not that the Germans aren’t speaking out, nor the French. The media leaves many not knowing. ” Regardless of the fact that we are attacking your fundamental rights, or eliminating your fundamental rights. We’re still going to go ahead and do it. ” Quote on vid from our Canadian PM Justinian Trudeau. I wonder if he had the usual smirk.

Hans Koopman
Hans Koopman
10 months ago

I’m still incredulous that these near death octogenarians like Schwab, Kissinger and Soros don’t just buy a
tropical island of their own and sip on Margaritas until their demise.