Largest Tomato Grower in Sweden Shuts Down Over Electricity Prices


Sweden’s largest tomato grower was forced to shut down this winter over climate change mandates raising electricity prices sky-high.

Tomato farm

Nordic Greens, one of the largest tomato growers in Denmark and Sweden, has announced that they will not grow any tomatoes during winter in their Sweden-based cultivation because of the skyrocketing electricity prices.

“We have 5 hectares of lit cultivation,” Mads Pedersen, CEO of the company, says. “And we had to take that out because electricity prices are just ridiculous. We wouldn’t have been able to pay for the increased cost. That’s why we decided to skip this cycle.”

For the first time in eight years, the company has chosen to cancel the seedlings to be planted in a few weeks.

“It hits us hard, really hard. It simply costs too much with the lighting, but it is still too early to say exactly how big a break it will be for us financially,” says site manager Mindaugas Krasauskas. Mads remarks that if prices go down, they will start growing again. “But we usually would start another round in January. So, we’ll see how things will be then.”

According to Urdupoint, some 500 tonnes of tomatoes will disappear from store shelves this winter due to the suspension.

Peter Sweden reports on these issues and has made some high-level enemies.

A new hit piece against him dropped from a very influential think tank funded by George Soros’ foundation, Bill Gates’ foundation, and others. It is called the “Institute for Strategic Dialogue” (ISD for short).

Powerful forces are fighting for extremism that will destitute the middle class in the West.

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