Largest US Catholic network publisher torches Biden Catholicism


The publisher of the largest US Catholic network ripped Joe Biden for his “complete opposition to fundamental Church teaching.” Joe Biden is promoting radical agendas behind a mask of banality and “genial faith. “The complicity of most major news outlets” is making this happen.

The news outlets keep defining him as a devout Catholic who is correct in wanting us to pay for aborting babies throughout the world. Biden also has no regard for freedom of religion.

Michael P. Warsaw, Chief Executive Officer of the EWTN Global Catholic Network and the publisher of the National Catholic Register, wrote that Biden’s first 100 days in office are ones of “disappointment” that foreshadow peril for the Catholic Church, warning that “there is an additional hazard associated with Joe Biden’s propensity for promoting radical agendas from behind a benign mask of genial faith.”

“As Joe Biden passes his 100th-day mark in office today, the early returns show how, for faithful Catholics, this period couldn’t be more disappointing,” Warsaw wrote in a National Catholic Register op-ed. “There are also signs that the next 100 days and beyond will be even more disturbing.”

“Sadly, during the second Catholic president’s brief time in the Oval Office, Biden’s policies show he intends to govern in complete opposition to fundamental Church teachings regarding human life and sexuality, despite his spokeswoman’s continual professions of the centrality of the president’s Catholic faith,” Warsaw continued.

Catholics have a “double responsibility at this political moment” to highlight how Biden’s policies are “harming all Americans,” Warsaw wrote.

“We also need to highlight how they are undermining the Church, by making it seem that it’s possible to remain authentically Catholic while dissenting so fundamentally on such key moral issues,” he continued. “This double challenge will not be easy, but faithfulness requires both prayer and action in defense of the truths upon which our Church and our country have been founded.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will hold a national meeting in June where the bishops will decide whether to tell the president and other high-profile Catholic politicians, not to receive Holy Communion at mass if they continue to publicly advocate for abortion.

“Because President Biden is Catholic, it presents a unique problem for us,” Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas, who chairs the USCCB’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities, told the AP. “It can create confusion. … How can he say he’s a devout Catholic and he’s doing these things that are contrary to the church’s teaching?”

How is that a problem? It’s clear. Biden ex-communicated himself. It’s only clear if they are worried about losing their radical Catholics over principles and doctrine. He’s redefining Catholicism in America.

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