Biden says Stacey Abrams can be President


Biden thanked Abrams in front of the crowd at a drive-in rally for “empowering people to vote and to make their voices heard.”

“Stacey Abrams can be anything she wants to be — from whatever she chooses to President,” Biden declared, Business Insider reported. {He slurred his way through the speech]

“You have been amazing,” Biden added, directed at Abrams.

Abrams once said she will be president one day. However, Abrams won’t be president of all the people. She has called for revolution against whites.

As previously reported by Fox News, The Washington Post gave Abrams two Pinocchios for statements she made about the GOP voting reform law. Abrams said the law would restrict hours allowed for early voting, which The Post classified as misleading since counties would be able to add additional hours if they chose.

For WaPo, that was good. In fact, she called it Jim Crow without it having any resemblance to Jim Crow. She lied about people being forced to stand on line without food and water. She demanded unAmerican boycotts and when she realized pulling the MLB from Atlanta hurt black businesses, she lied and said she never told corporations to boycott.

She deserved four Pinocchios but it is the WaPo.

Her get-out-the-vote organization is still being investigated for voting corruption.

Abrams once complained that not letting illegal aliens vote leads to a whiter America. She wants to redistrict whites out of office.



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