Larry Elder wisdom on Biden unifying us after years of calling us names


Larry Elder told his audience that if Biden wins his court challenges and becomes President while capturing both Senate run-off seats in Georgia, you can expect him to pursue a scorched earth pattern of retribution as he tries to remake America.

That is already obvious. His handlers, like Hillary Clinton, said recently that he has to move quickly.

Mr. Elder thinks that if Republicans keep the Senate and block everything other than an executive order, we will get smiling Joe, who will be our best pals.

However, that might not be the case since he can do a lot of damage with executive orders and the House.

Joe keeps promoting unity, but he’s putting far-left people in the positions on his transition team.

As Larry says, “Unity is doing whatever we want. Let’s do that while we try to destroy you.”

Leftists/liberals are out making Stalinist “lists” of Trump supporters they want to ruin. Biden is talking fake unity.

He won’t stop illegal immigration or wasting money, and he will cancel our gun rights and speech rights. He has made that clear. Will he try to reduce the huge deficit. Hmmm, I don’t think so.

He wants open borders, our guns, and he wants to destroy the police while lunatics run wild unopposed.

If you don’t accept that, Mr. Elder believes you can’t expect unity with senile Joe.

Let’s hope we get our two senators in Georgia back in and can fight much of what he is trying to do.

The man is the tool of the socialists. He already said he intends to transform this country. We know what that means.

Joe just put a woman on as transition treasury chief who thinks capitalism is racist. He put one of America’s most anti-speech guys in charge of Internet speech.

This is off-topic, but you have to love this next exchange. Larry is so logical.

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