Larry Elder’s Grand Slam with Opponent Charlamagne tha god.


Larry Elder appeared on Charlamagne tha god’s show, The Breakfast Club. When Charlamagne opened up the discussion, it sounded like he was going to paint Larry Elder as an Uncle Tom. That’s just my viewpoint. In any case, Larry Elder let him have it.

In 2020, Biden said that if black people don’t vote for him, then “you ain’t black,” Elder said, starting out.

“This guy has done monstrous things to black people, and then for him to come in here and tell you how you oughta think as a black person? That blew my mind,” Elder said.

“I’m amazed that you weren’t mad about that,” Elder said.

“Umm… I’m not going to say that upset me, just like I’m not letting you upset me,” replied Charlamagne tha God.

Mr. Elder mentioned some of Biden’s outrageous lies about fighting for Civil Rights and getting arrested with Nelson Mandela.

Mr. Elder talked about Biden’s history of befriending segregationists and imprisoning people in the “jungle,” and went on to Bidenflation, etc.

Later, Charlamagne asked Elder how he should have responded to Biden’s insult.

“What I just now said — how dare you insult me and tell me how to think as a human being, let alone a black person. I don’t tell you how to think, Joe Biden, how dare you come in here and tell me how I should think. I’m going to vote for Donald Trump if I want to vote for Donald Trump. And if I want to vote for Donald Trump, that does not make me not black.”

“How insulting is that? How condescending is that?” Elder added.

Charlamagne seemed at a loss for words. “Mmm. You’re probably right. But I didn’t take it that way.”

I don’t think Mr. Elder was rude, but the Breakfast Club crew didn’t look happy afterward. I won’t say anything against Charlamagne. He seems like a decent person, but he is very left-wing, despite being an Independent.

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3 months ago

Anyone who likes Larry Elder should check out Keith Everett Ellison!