Larry Kudlow trending for hot mic comment about Kamala’s latest lie


Former trade advisor to Donald Trump, Larry Kudlow was caught on a hot mic calling the VP’s claims in an Axios interview, “bullsh–,” while he was on air with Fox News host Sandra Smith.

Of course, it is exactly that. It’s a blatant lie. Vice President Harris’s claim that their administration started from scratch is an obvious lie. However, it doesn’t stop her from repeating it over and over.

The vaccines were handed out at the rate of over a million doses on Donald Trump’s last day in office, and it was clear that there was an effective procedure. Dr. Anthony Fauci himself corrected her and said that was a procedure and a plan.

Donald Trump had the call placed to Big Pharma in March and the doses were in production in June.

Fox was likely going to discuss the Axios tweet fact-checking Harris’s COV lie which they then deleted. They replaced it with a tweet that let her lie stand.


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