Latest fake news! People are ingesting bleach because of President Trump


Since the ridiculous hoax news story that the president told people to ingest disinfectants to cure the virus, the media has falsely claimed the calls to the poison control center have increased due to people swallowing disinfectants.

The New York Daily News, a paper that was purchased for a dollar [and they overpaid], was one of the purveyors of this fake news. They reported an unusually high number of New Yorkers “contacted city health authorities over fears that they had ingested bleach or other household cleaners in the 18 hours that followed President Trump’s bogus claim that injecting such products could cure coronavirus.”

Reason’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown reported, however, that was not the case:

“[T]he article makes no mention of anyone deliberately consuming household cleaners. It simply states that 30 people called the city’s poison control hotline ‘over fears that they had ingested bleach or other household cleaners,’” Nolan Brown reported. “Fearing that you ingested something doesn’t jibe with having intentionally consumed that substance.”

Further, the Daily News reporters compare the number of calls this year to those during the same period last year – when people weren’t using household cleaners as stringently as they are now and thus not risking as much exposure

“[O]ne needn’t do a detailed analysis to surmise why exposure to things like Lysol and bleach—and fears about this exposure—might be up this month over April 2019. And one needn’t reach for the ridiculous explanation that it’s because people deliberately consumed it en masse after listening to Trump. We are in the midst of a pandemic right now and we were not in April 2019. Of course, more people are being exposed to household disinfectants at the moment than were during this time last year,” Nolan Brown wrote.

The Daily News also noted that no one died or needed to be hospitalized after calling into Poison Control. Nolan Brown said that it suggested “their exposure was minimal and not of the Lysol-mouthwash variety.”


Two people in Illinois had “inappropriate exposure” to disinfectants after President Trump’s COVID-19 briefing Thursday.

Illinois Poison Control told WCIA calls were made to the IPC hotline after the people used the products incorrectly.

But Danny Chun with IPC says this isn’t exactly new. Calls to the hotline have increased 36-percent during the pandemic.

He says people have been using products, including bleach, to wash their hands and produce.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 28,158 people called U.S. poison control centers about possible exposure to household cleaners in March 2020, compared to 25,021 in March 2019. The number of calls about possible exposure to disinfectants went from 12,801 in March 2019 to 17,392 in March 2020.

The CDC report containing these numbers was released this week, so many have interpreted the data as being related to the Trump disinfectant hoopla. But the CDC data on poison control calls end on March 31, Reason reported.

It’s amazing what the media can take and turn it into a cause célèbre. They lie and no one on the left appears to be disturbed by this.

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