Latest Numbers on Biden’s Military Purge of the Unvaxxed


The Biden Department of Defense continues to purge Military personnel who are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated. This is even though the vaccines are still under emergency authorization without an emergency. What is the point of all this?

The vaccines have short-lived efficacy, have serious side effects for some, and don’t stop the spread or keep anyone from getting the illness.

Biden’s administration is not following science, just politics.

As the US promotes war with Russia and China, they want to purge the military for no reason other than politics.

Many on the right believe the goal is to purge conservatives since many don’t want the vaccine. It seems more likely that they just want to make a point. There is no scientific point to be made.

The U.S. Army announced COVID-19 vaccination rates and exemption requests for the Total Army as of July 14, 2022.

They are firing 1,336 soldiers in the army and have given very few exemptions. The Guard has 11,000 up for separation, along with 6,773 Army reservists.

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