Latest on David Ortiz’s condition & shooter, who was beaten by the way


David Ortiz is out of immediate danger, is in stable condition, and is expected to make a good recovery. The retired Red Sox slugger David Ortiz suffered organ damage after he was shot Sunday night in Santo Domingo. Doctors had to remove part of his intestines, colon, gall bladder, and liver, according to published reports.

Ortiz is a hero in his homeland of the Dominican Republic and in this country. After evil Eddy Feliz García shot him in the back at close range like a coward, some fled, but others beat up the shooter.

The bullet exited through his stomach and hit a woman he was with, but she will be okay. A local sports journalist, Dionisio Soldevila, reported in a tweet that Ortiz told the ER doctor, “Please don’t let me die, I’m a good man.”

García has a Facebook account showing him wearing what appears to be a camouflage bulletproof vest and holding an aluminum baseball bat. He hasn’t written anything since 2011.

One crazy post in Spanish translates roughly into “so that I fall in love if in the end I marry death only I enjoy it to the fullest.”


A spokesman for the Dominican National Police told CNN that multiple people have been detained in connection with the shooting. Police do not believe it was a robbery and it might have been a targeted hit.

It’s unclear if the men who beat up the shooter were arrested. They deserve rewards.

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