Latest on Maricopa County audit


On Sunday evening in Arizona, the Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, Christopher Coury, who oversaw the lawsuit related to the Democrats’ challenge to the audit currently going on in, recused himself from the case.

It seems the auditors hired an attorney who interned with Judge Coury previously.  The Judge had no choice but to resign from the case.

The Democrats are still trying to stop the audit. Why? Isn’t it a perfect, secure election?

The case is in the State Supreme Court. Supreme Court Judge Bolick took the Republicans’ grievance and agreed with Judge Coury’s actions. He set up Tuesday for the deadline for the Republicans to lay out their grievances about the Democrats’ last-minute effort to stop the audit and Judge Coury’s actions.

He also ordered the Democrats to respond by Wednesday to the document the Republicans file on Tuesday, and then he offered the Republicans Thursday to respond to the Democrats’ response.

Shouldn’t they want this settled?

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