Latest Zuckerberg-Soros-FB Censorship of Capitalism – demote admins


I recently wrote an article about how Facebook cited me for three alleged violations of their vague and arbitrary community guidelines. They wouldn’t tell me what I did wrong. Then they went after one of our administrators for posting that Joe Biden said Antifa is an ‘idea, not an organization.’ That is what he said.

The admin got hit twice for that one meme for ‘partly false information’ and for ‘leaving out context.’ USA Today said [senile] Biden might have taken it from FBI Director Wray, who said Antifa is a movement and an ideology. Also, they said context must include the [fake] fact that Trump had to reject Proud Boys since the [hate group] Southern Poverty Law Center says Proud Boys is a hate group.

Proud Boys is not a hate group.

And when Biden called Antifa an ‘idea,’ he was taking that violent group and attempting to make them into a harmless ‘idea.’ It needed NO context.

Biden has never had to denounce Antifa or Black Lives Matter. And, no matter how many times President Trump rejects violence from the alleged right, like KKK, which is actually left-wing, the media pretends he didn’t denounce them.

Orwell would be so impressed with how far we have exceeded even his most absurd predictions.


Today, Facebook took the owner of the page, Capitalism, off as an administrator. He’s now merely a moderator who can’t even post on the page. So, gradually, they will take all the moderators off the page.

He wasn’t even told why he was demoted.

This is going to get worse up to and after the election.

Where are our feckless Republicans, and why do Democrats want this Stalinist repression and censorship? When did they decide the First Amendment has got to go?

All of the FB senior moderators are tied to Soros — all of them.



  1. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, passed in 1996. Section 230 says that “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”


  2. Don’t expect Republicans to even take an interest. It’s C.R.E.A.M. All the tech companies have bought and paid the politicians. Let’s not forget, the Republicans were doing nothing, or even saying anything, Until, their own accounts were being hampered. THEN, a flurry of comments and proposals. Once that subsided, it was business as usual.

    I became aware of how Trey Gowdy was manipulating the public with his boisterous, meaningless rhetoric. It now appears Jim Jordan is no different, from his leaked papers and his guidance regard Google etc. The public is still convinced politicians are on their side when they speak loudly and harshly in committee hearings. It’s all for show. Any legislation proposed is what Peter Schweizer refers to as “milking legislation”. It has the effect of that business rushing to Congress and shelling out big money.

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