McConnell Joins Schumer on Gun Control


Senator Mitch McConnell signed up for gun control with Sen. Chuck Schumer after the horrific killings in Uvalde Texas. He has directed Sen. John Cornyn to begin discussions with Democrats, including Sens. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and far-left Chris Murphy of Connecticut.

McConnell wants to send Americans to war in Ukraine, barely mentions the invasion at the US border, and now he wants guns taken from Americans who did nothing wrong.

By doing this, he is going along with the Democrats talking points that guns are responsible for the crimes. It’s not the guns, it’s the evil people wielding them.

McConnell made sure he told CNN on Thursday that they were working on gun control. Their gun laws aren’t even implemented in places like Chicago and New York. The gun law violators get out of prison the next day.


McConnell thinks he has to engage in a “bipartisan” effort at all costs.

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“I met with Senator Cornyn this morning. As you know he went home yesterday to see the family members and begin the fact finding of this awful massacre and I have encouraged him to talk with Sen. Murphy and Sen. Sinema and others who are interested in trying to get an outcome that is directly related to the problem. I am hopeful that we could come up with a bipartisan solution,” McConnell told CNN.

Legislation to respond to mass shootings and counter gun violence has long been one of the most divisive and intractable policy issues facing lawmakers.

Cornyn said he doesn’t know if they can get there on background checks or other bills, but he did say “this hopefully will provide a new, greater sense of urgency.”

Ironically, Cornyn has also said that he does not want to see the shooting used as a way to infringe on gun rights. At the same time, his ideas do infringe.

“There’s a whole list of things that we can consider, but I think particularly mental health, access to mental health treatment is high on that list,” he said, adding, “I think we need to be open to whatever, wherever the evidence leads us. I would say that this is not an excuse to infringe the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens doing that will do nothing to fix tragedies like this.”

We know what they’re up to. They’re going to take guns away from the retired military who have PTSD, which they have thanks to the uniparty and their endless wars.


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has indicated that Democrats are willing to give some time and space for efforts to reach some kind of bipartisan compromise on gun legislation, though he has noted the odds are long. He has also made clear that these efforts will not be given an unlimited amount of time to play out.

“We have to try everything. We must not leave a single stone unturned,” Schumer said earlier on Thursday.

Schumer declared that “this is not an invite to negotiate indefinitely. Make no mistake about it, if these negotiations do not bear fruit in a short period of time, the Senate will vote on gun safety legislation.”

He knows November could be a washout for Democrats unless they can cheat their way to success. His time is limited.

Sen. Joe Manchin, a so-called moderate West Virginia Democrat, called the bipartisan meeting on gun reform “very encouraging.”

Make no mistake, there is no doubt that the uniparty can come together to take away our rights.

Our politicians are not working for the American people. They don’t even care what Americans think. They do whatever they want. McConnell spends way too much time in the Senator’s lounge. The octogenarian is out of touch.

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