Law Prof Says Trump Must Bust Tech Giants Like Teddy Roosevelt


Glenn Harlan Reynolds, a law professor at the University of Tennessee, wrote an article for USA Today advising the President to bust the tech giants as Teddy Roosevelt did with the monopolies of his day. Rush Limbaugh reviewed the article on his show today and he presented a powerful case.

An excerpt from the article:

I’ve just finished reading Columbia Law professor Tim Wu’s new book on antitrust, “The Curse of Bigness,” and my biggest takeaway is that President Donald Trump has an opportunity to follow in former President Teddy Roosevelt’s footsteps.

Roosevelt built a strong reputation by going after the trusts, huge combinations that placed control of entire industries in the hands of one or a few men. He broke up John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, the Google of its day. He shut down J.P. Morgan’s Northern Securities Co., which would have monopolized rail transportation in much of the United States. And he pursued numerous other cases (45 in all) that broke up monopolies and returned competition to markets.

Roosevelt operated against a Gilded Age background in which a few companies had, by means both fair and foul, eliminated virtually all competition. This was bad for consumers, as it drove prices up. It was also, surprisingly, bad for shareholders: Wu notes that Standard Oil’s value actually increased post-breakup, as it went from an inefficient monopoly to a collection of competitive companies. Most of all, it was bad for American society.

Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook, Twitter are all leftists and they are indoctrinating Americans without ever allowing them to hear alternative views.

The leftist social media titans are too powerful and their power is too expansive. They control the flow of information and lie about the conservative viewpoints. It’s very dangerous for our Republic.

He gave the example of the disinformation campaign about Russians swaying the election on Facebook. It has been interpreted by over 40 percent of Americans as Russians manipulated the actual votes of Americans. They believe that because the media is telling them it is the case. Social media was a means by which people could get other information out but that is being shut down.

Rush Limbaugh is a friend of the professor and he came out today with a strong stand against the silencing of conservative voices.

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