Laying Out The Case Against Donald Trump in a Post Constitutional Era


Any case the legal teams make under the ruthless Robert Mueller or the arguably corrupt officials in New York will be looked askance by the public who support the President. But others don’t care how much overreach prosecutors engage in if it achieves the goal. No President has ever had to undergo this type of scrutiny.


We knew Mueller’s goal when he hired Hillary Clinton and other Democrat stalwarts on his team, like Jeannie Rhee, Andrew Weissman, and others like Michael Dreeban. Dreeban doesn’t care about the law and will stretch it to vast ends to make a case for obstruction of justice as he did in the Arthur Anderson fiasco.

Weissman has withheld exculpatory evidence in violation of the law, but it hasn’t held his career back.

Mueller himself wrongly imprisoned people in the Whitey Bulger case and, even when he knew they were innocent, he would not release them from prison. One man who was proven not to be guilty died entombed.

The incoming New York attorney general Leticia James has promised to get Trump and will examine all his personal and business practices as well as those of his family and associates. Stalin used to operate that way.


The Manhattan district attorney’s office is looking into how the President spent his inaugural campaign funds without visible evidence of a crime. They might have something, but we don’t know.

Also in the Southern District of New York, AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer, has decided to cooperate with the prosecutors. They were in a meeting with the President and Michael Cohen before the election discussing the hush money given to extortionist Karen McDougal to keep the story out of the news. AMI ties that to a campaign finance violation.


Then you have the Democrats who wanted to impeach Trump after he won the election in November. Democrats have made it clear they will impeach him and don’t feel they need a crime to do it. It’s not American or in the spirit of our rule of law, but they don’t care. The only thing holding them back is they want only good press from it, and they want the timing to be perfect. It looks like 2020 will be the impeachment year.

Robert Mueller feels he has something or he wouldn’t have kept going. It might not be conspiracy or ‘collusion,’ but he is looking at perjury and obstruction of justice. The President’s imprecise language and tendency to speak inaccurately might haunt him. We don’t know what he wrote in his answers to Robert Mueller.

Anyone can be caught in illegality if the weight of several prosecutors, in some cases prosecutors who overreach, is brought to bear. There are so many laws on the books that have been remolded to frame people, and the President won’t be immune as we have seen.

Campaign finance violations, perjury, and obstruction of justice loom large

Michael Cohen, admittedly a liar, told ABC News last night that then-candidate Trump “was very concerned about how this would affect the election” if their allegations of affairs became public. If what he says can be backed up by AMI, the President will have a problem.

The President would be guilty of a campaign finance violation even though our representatives have a slush fund for the same reason.

Unfortunately, these types of violations have been criminalized and weaponized. The overreach in this type of prosecution — making a breach into a felony — isn’t in keeping with our rule of law, but our laws have long been eroded and distorted. Allowing open borders is one example of how that is the case.


While Cohen is a sleazy liar who falsely presents himself as an honorable man, that doesn’t mean he isn’t causing harm. Additionally, it doesn’t mean Mueller didn’t get something out of it.

It’s disingenuous for Cohen to blame Trump for his lies, but that’s what he is doing. Cohen says he was blindly loyal, but that flies in the face of the fact that he continued to lie to New York prosecutors right to the end. Cohen’s sentencing memo made a note of his continued lying.

His actions were not a simple case of not showing good judgment as he told Stephanopoulos

Telling the public he doesn’t want to embarrass the President while humiliating him is also dishonest on Cohen’s part.


Since day one, the left and the left media have said the President is illegitimate and not moral enough to hold the office. That comes from the Bill Clinton crowd, making the accusation even more absurd. They lowered the standard with Clinton and would do it again, just not for a Republican.

The Washington Post reports today that Trump’s presidency is not legitimate because of his multiple crimes, committed to winning the seats of power. They say he won by nefarious means. Mind you, the President has not been charged with crimes.

The media can’t be seen apart from the late night ‘comics’ who viciously attack the President non-stop.

Fox News blatherer Judge Napolitano said the President committed two felonies while on Shep Smith’s show even though it is not the case. That was addressed by an angry former U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy on ‘Cavuto’ immediately after the Anti-Trump Shep show.

McCarthy slammed Napolitano.

He said the President could argue it is not an in-kind campaign contribution. There is no crime established at this point.


The left and their media and prosecutors seek to overturn the election, and they will do whatever it takes. At the same time, that doesn’t mean the President didn’t make mistakes or lie, things that could lead to his demise.

While he likely won’t be convicted of anything, it is a problem for 2020.


On his show, anti-Trumper Ben Shapiro broke down the AMI/Cohen case and how it could lead to the President’s prosecution. It begins about two minutes in on the clip below. He lays the case out clearly.

If the President paid off the women to influence the campaign and didn’t report it, it’s a violation of the campaign finance law as Shapiro says. If he lied and covered it up, that’s a bigger problem.

Shapiro states accurately that the impeachment proceedings against Clinton cost Al Gore the election. Therefore, impeachment isn’t something Democrats fear all that much.

Shapiro listed the three potential crimes:

  • Crime 1 Active promotion of a campaign finance violation
  • Crime 2 Trump told Cohen to lie. That is obstruction of justice and perjury.
  • Crime 3 Trump Tower meeting is a problem if the President lied or told anyone to lie.


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John Acord
John Acord
4 years ago

This has nothing to do with the law,it has all to do with the Commiecrats attempting to neutralize, harass and ultimately expel our President from office. This outrage cannot be allowed to continue. We have to rise up like the Yellow Jackets in France and tell these Stalinists that “Enough is enough!” “You will not impose a Globalist,Marxist state on us without a fight to the finish! We will defend our liberty and our President with the last drop of our blood!”