‘Leader’ McConnell: Biden “is not going to be removed from office”


Biden “is not going to be removed from office”

Senate Minority ‘Leader” Mitch McConnell said there will be no impeachment of Joe Biden because the House is controlled by Democrats. That may be true but why won’t the House under Kevin McCarthy even try and put him on trial the way Donald Trump was put on trial and had his character impugned for nothing?

Why won’t Democrats demand records surrounding this catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) on Wednesday shot down calls from within his own party to try to impeach President Biden. He pointed to next year’s midterm election as a potential check on the administration.

“Well, look, the president is not going to be removed from office. There’s a Democratic House, a narrowly Democratic Senate. That’s not going to happen,” McConnell said at an event in Kentucky, asked if Biden’s handling of the drawdown in Afghanistan merits impeachment and if he would support it.

“There isn’t going to be an impeachment,” he added.

Republicans won’t fight, and we will lose to the fighters in the far-left Democrat Party.

Donald Trump is correct:

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