Psaki’s press conference doesn’t line up with reality in Afghanistan


Jen Psaki painted a rosy picture of rescue operations during the press conference today, but it’s one that doesn’t align with what Newsmax is hearing on the ground. Two private rescue groups that their reporter Emerald Robinson spoke with say the US isn’t helping and when Americans or SIVs call the State Department, they don’t even get a call back.

The State Department is blocking the return of American citizens, which is about 2,000 people if you count their relatives.

One of the groups works with the Taliban to get these people escorted out of the country and it means bribes.

While real SIVs are not processed, some who were sent to the US have fake SIVs.  The vetting process is likely not what Psaki says it is — rigorous. Psaki said they’re prepared to take 50,000 of these people right now.

About the July 23rd conversation between then-president Ghani and Joe Biden, Psaki said she couldn’t talk about confidential, illegally-released documents, Robinson said. That’s different from the way Donald Trump was treated as president.

It’s interesting that they didn’t deny it.


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