Leaked Memo Shows Iranian Tyrants Don’t Know How to Handle the Uprising


FOX News is reporting that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is meeting with political leaders and heads of security forces to best decide how to quell the ever-louder and now-deadly protests that are taking place throughout Iran, even in very holy and conservative Islamic cities.

Fox got hold of a leaked report that included meetings up to December 31 from high level sources in Iran to the national Council of Resistance of Iran.

The reports indicate that the protests/riots are affecting all areas of the economy and the “regime’s security.” They are looking for a “way out”.

They noted it is “different from previous occasions.”

It does have a different feel. You can only oppress people for so long, especially when they are as well-educated as the Iranians. Many still remember the freedom they had prior to 1979. It wasn’t always great but it was better than what they have now.

The New York Times, CNN, the Guardian and a few other mainstream media publications are presenting one-sided, pro-Iran viewpoints. One New York Times article told President Trump to “be quiet.” Fortunately, he has not been quiet.

The MSM has a few issues with freedom fighters in Iran who aren’t Muslim Brotherhood. Primary among them is their Trump Derangement Syndrome — they cannot be seen agreeing with Trump. They want to impeach him after all. Another reason could well be their reluctance to cast a shadow on Obama’s performance during the Green revolution. Lastly, they lean radical Islam and hard-left statism.

If you have never read anything by Imam Tahidi, you might want to. He’s a terrific person. His tweet is right-on.

We saw this on The Gateway Pundit. It’s a new Twitter page with updated information like this:

In 1979, the women of Iran marched against the enslavement of the hijab and burqa.

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