Leaker of Trump Tax Records Sentenced as Judge Compares It to J6


What you did in targeting the sitting president of the United States was an attack on our constitutional democracy. [It’s a constitutional Republic]

According to NBC News, ex-IRS contractor Charles Littlejohn was sentenced to five years in prison for releasing thousands of tax records for Donald Trump and billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

Charles Littlejohn pleaded guilty in October, and prosecutors sought the statutory maximum of five years in federal prison, saying that he “abused his position by unlawfully disclosing thousands of Americans’ federal tax returns and other private financial information to multiple news organizations.” Prosecutors said that Littlejohn “weaponized his access to unmasked taxpayer data to further his own personal, political agenda, believing that he was above the law.”


U.S. District Judge Ana C. Reyes sentenced Littlejohn at a hearing at the federal courthouse in Washington. He will also have to pay a $5,000 fine.

“You can be an outstanding person and commit bad acts,” Reyes said. “What you did in targeting the sitting president of the United States was an attack on our constitutional democracy,” she added.

It’s a Constitutional Republic.

The judge compared Littlejohn’s actions to those of the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack, noting that “your actions were also a threat to our democracy.”

“It engenders the same fear that January 6 does,” Reyes added.

Even though it was irrelevant, she compared it to J6. The media and politicians created the fear by pretending it was an insurrection, not a riot. When the communists of Antifa and BLM actually try to cause an insurrection, it’s greatly downplayed.

Judge Reyes doesn’t think Littlejohn created the fear of an insurrection. This was political.


Littlejohn, 38, briefly addressed the court before receiving his sentence, saying that he “acted out of a sincere but misguided belief that I was serving the public.”

“Taxpayers deserved to know how easy it was for the wealthy to avoid paying into the system,” Littlejohn added, saying he believes that Americans make their best decisions when properly informed.

“I made my decision with the full knowledge that I would likely end up in a courtroom,” he said.

Good. Have fun in the federal pen.

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25 days ago

My guess is that he is released after serving a month and then paid four million for services rendered to democracy by the grateful citizens of NY, Seattle and Chicago.