Left and right journalists, even Fox, knock Wallace


Chris Wallace lost his journalistic credentials last night. Leftists say he allowed Trump to bully Biden, and the right says he ran interference for Slow Joe. Wallace is just an activist or commentator now.

We would show him mercy if not for his appalling past record as a leftist agitator. So, no mercy.

People who weren’t upset with him felt sorry for him.

His colleagues in the once-esteemed field of journalism, even those at Fox News, were disgusted or disappointed in Wallace.





  1. Your bias is transparent and not factual. You cannot call an individual like Wallace a “leftist agitator” and claim to be objective. Your “fake news” is what is driving us (the USA) toward Civil War; one that your side will lose terribly.

    • Wallace was a big fan of Mayor Peter — a far-left guy. He said AOC’s absurd GND was a “heck of a good idea.” He constantly goes after GOP – so yes, he’s a leftist agitator.

  2. Wallace violates debate and journalisitc standards because he knows he can. His bosses at Fox love his act.

    Andy McCarthy is an idiot – he loves Wallace? McCarthy was a big supporter of the Mueller frame operation and an eternal DOJ apologist. He got everything wrong, and made excuse after excuse for the DOJ. Then after he was 2 years behind on the scandals he wrote a book pretending to support investigating the scandals. He received major publicity from Fox for his act.

  3. I’m quite surprised how many say Trump “blew it”. Even Rush. If you want to analyze solely on the superficial level then, yes.. There’s a different dynamic in play at this time. Whether Joe is feeble, sleepy or whatever, isn’t, and can’t be the prime focus at this point. As Trump has been saying, “there isn’t any enthusiasm for Biden”. Enthusiasm or not, there is a motivation factor that cannot be overlooked. That is, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As soon as I heard I knew immediately everything has changed and Trump had better watch out. Of course the Democrats may try to delay and create all kinds of obstacles, but at the end the likelihood is she’ll be On The Bench. That Is A Disaster, for the Left. Since they can’t stop it they Must defeat Trump at all costs, including, “that which cannot be answered”.

    Because Democrats have taken the road of identity politics they have no choice but to please all the groups. THIS is where Trump comes in. He has to fracture that coalition. If one really pays attention to his remarks, that is what he was doing. On many occasions he is attempting to strip parts of that coalition away from Trump. Now, many are certainly not voting for Trump, but he is also creating a wedge with those Bernie voters, again. In order to accomplish that he needed to keep hitting Biden especially when the fracture begins to appear. You don’t let Biden come up with some great explanation. Biden, at one point, was left saying, by answering “it will be an issue”. Bang. And guess what. No one paid attention, but it was admitted by one of his team this morning.

  4. At the next briefing Kayleigh has she should put THIS on the monitor. Once Again they kept asking about White Suprermacists at his briefing before he left. Well, when we watch the White House press briefings those reporters seem unable to comprehend simple English, so maybe this explicit condemnation didn’t make it to their grey matter.

  5. It was quite a prophetic outline from a caller to Rush’s show yesterday. He actually laid out in full detail what transpired during that debate with Wallace and Biden.

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