Left eats left! BLM protests LA Mayor Eric Garcetti for the 5th day


This is totally confusing. A few hundred Black Lives Matter terrorists protest outside LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s home for the fifth day. They don’t want Joe Biden to appoint him to his cabinet because they say he is the nation’s worst mayor.

That could be true, but aren’t they the same people? BLM is a movement of communist anarchists, Garcetti is a totalitarian, who, like Governor Newsom, is ruining as much of California as possible.

It seems Garcetti isn’t far-left enough as extremely far-left as he is.


They want more rent relief and eviction protections, and they want the police defunded by 90%.

Protesters vowed to gather “every single day” at 9 a.m. “We’re telling @joebiden not to appoint @mayorofla to his cabinet. We won’t allow his failed policies to become a part of the national agenda,” Black Lives Matter Los Angeles wrote on its Facebook page.

Black Lives Matter terrorists want to eliminate the police basically.

During the summer, the mayor rejected the group’s proposal to cut the police department’s $1.8 billion operating budget by 90%.

“We are demanding that [Garcetti] stop giving the most murderous police department in the U.S. a blank check,” BLM-LA stated in an email, obtained by City News Service.

The email continued: “We must defund the police and invest in life-affirming services. We also demand that the Biden administration refuse to select L.A.’s sycophant, self-seeking mayor for a Cabinet position in which he is completely unqualified.”

I have been to rallies in support of the police that number in the tens of thousands, and they don’t get any press or very little. A few hundred commies making ridiculous demands get plenty of press.


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