Left eats their own! Gets NY Times editor demoted for nothing


The leftist New York Times demoted their deputy Washington editor, Jonathan Weisman on Tuesday after the journalist dared to express his honest opinion referencing Reps. Tlaib, Omar, and Lewis.

Dems and the Dem media assaulted him in the media.

This is the offensive tweet:

Weissman was saying on Twitter that these four are not typical of the region.

Apparently he was expressing the opinion that these city dwellers don’t represent typical rural folk. That’s true.

Outside of being poorly stated, he didn’t say anything terrible but he has been labeled a racist. There is nothing racist in what he said.

Weissman tried to apologize but that isn’t good enough for the mob that now eats their own.

Then he riled up the sensitive communistas.

The communistic progressive group Justice Democrats have been auditioning potential candidates to run against fellow Democrats who aren’t far-left enough.

Weisman mentioned the Justice Democrats are seeking to unseat an African-American Democrat, Joyce Beatty.” His crime was to not mention the opponent Morgan Harper is also Black.

The outrage mob mostly wanted to destroy him — a Jewish man — for daring to make a comment about two haters. They called him a racist. They got him demoted. The NY Times says he was demoted for “poor judgment on social media.” For A COUPLE OF TWEETS!

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