Left infuriated after Mnuchin notes Greta Thunberg doesn’t have an education


CORRECTION: Great’s not a dropout. Nine years are enough in Sweden and she’s done that with 14 As and some Bs. We aren’t sure how that qualifies her for the task she’s undertaken, but the left seems to think it does.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was insulted by the media and social media after dismissing Greta Thunberg’s comments based on her lack of education. He was joking, but he was slammed and trended on Twitter for it.

At a press briefing at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss town of Davos, Mnuchin dismissed Thunberg’s suggestion that governments and companies need to cut back dramatically on their use of fossil fuels.

When asked how that would affect the U.S. economic model, Mnuchin asked, ‘Who is she?”

“Is she the chief economist or who is she? I’m confused,” Mnuchin said, adding that it was “a joke.”

“After she goes and studies economics in college, she can come back and explain that to us,” the former Goldman Sachs executive, who has an economics degree from Yale University, added.

ABC News wrote sarcastically, “As one of the executive producers of the last Mad Max movie, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin might have been interested in the apocalyptic climate warnings of Greta Thunberg. Instead, he took a personal swipe at the 17-year-old, saying she was in no position to give advice on climate change because she hasn’t been to college yet.”

Not only hasn’t she been to college yet, but she’s also a high school dropout. In addition, the now-17-year old has developmental and emotional disorders. Why is she an expert?

Thunberg doesn’t see the need for education on the subject to say what she is saying. That actually proves Munchin’s point.

We are not allowed to criticize their heroes, no matter how flawed they are.


She was Time’s person of the year but that is ridiculous.

What he said is not hateful but you can’t tell illogical AOC that.


Speaking with CNBC later, Mnuchin explained there are other important issues including health and the spread of disease as well as nuclear proliferation have to be considered along with the climate emergency.

“Nothing against the climate issue,” he said. “But I think the youth needs to understand, the climate is one issue that needs to be put in context with lots of other things,” he said, after being asked about his remarks on Thunberg needing to further her education.

He should have also mentioned that turning the economy over to socialist Democrats won’t do a thing for the climate.

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