Left-wing fruitcake Dems – the BlueAnons – are trying to erase the term


Blue Anon Nan

Democrats are now censoring the very accurate term, ‘Blue Anon.’ They don’t like it because they know how important semantics are in stigmatization. They are used to doing what they accuse Republicans of doing without any accountability whatsoever. Now we have a name for their bizarre conspiracy theories and they don’t like it.

Currently, ‘Blue Anon,] is trending on Twitter.

Also, if you google ‘Blue Anon,’ you will find that Google thinks Blue Anons are ski goggles. But if you search on ‘Duck Duck Go,’ you get a very different response:


QAnon, which is actually just ‘Q,’ is a fallacious Internet conspiracy theorist(s) propagated by an anonymous person(s) who forms conspiracies out of partial truths they dig up from various right-wing sites. One of the most recent conspiracies is that on March 4th, President Trump was going to take his rightful place as President.

Some of the people involved in searching out ‘Q’ predictions also thought the military was going to take over the Capitol on Trump’s behalf on January 6th.

The media are the biggest purveyors of the nonsense. They have made it more important by broadcasting information about it and painting all Republicans as ‘Q.’

There is no organization ‘Q’ and there are no members. It is not a vast right-wing conspiracy with an army of adherents that requires Nancy Pelosi to make the nation’s capital look like Rwanda’s.


Now we have a term for the left-wing conspiracy theories — Blue Anon. Leftists are banning that as well.

‘Blue Anon’ is a new term for the loosely organized network of Democrat voters, politicians, and media hosts who spread absurd hoaxes: Jussie Smollett, Ukraine, Covington Boys, Brett Kavanaugh, Russia-Trump.

The most extraordinary hoax is the one that claims the right-wing is going to storm the Capitol to remove lawmakers.

The Left didn’t like the powerful term and it has even been removed from the Urban Dictionary. People need to use it. We need to start fighting these leftists on their own terms.

It’s war, people.

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