Leftist hack Jon Stewart launches into a sarcastic rant about Wuhan


The big news from the hard left today is Jon Stewart told Stephen Colbert the Wuhan Virus originated in the Wuhan Lab. This is Jon Stewart pretending he never said the virus was a right-wing conspiracy. It’s Stewart and Colbert, hard-left partisan hacks making a joke about a year-long series of lies that, combined with the lies from the rest of the cultural Marxists, seriously harmed America.

These are the China enablers now pretending it’s all a joke and of course they knew. You just weren’t listening correctly.

Stewart was bubbling over with sarcasm which leaves him untouchable should the heat get turned up too much. He can just say he was joking. Stewart can go either way and we may see others of the hard left do the same.

These men are disgusting deceivers.

In June of 2020, Stewart was mocking so-called anti-maskers. In October 2020, Stewart was blaming Trump, not China for the COV deaths. There are many other incidents. He will say anything and lies are fine. They use so-called comedy to hide their deceptions.


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