Leftist hacker says s/he archived every Parler post and its ‘very incriminating’


A left-wing hacker claims to have archived all of Parler’s deleted posts and says they provide “very incriminating” evidence in the wake of the deadly mob attack at the US Capitol, Daily Mail reports.

People need to go through some of these left-wing sites and doxx them. They write some really awful stuff, but the media would probably say they don’t really mean it.

Twitter user @donk_enby has announced in a number of Twitter posts that s/he has captured data and videos from Parler, “complete with GPS metadata to show exactly where they were taken.”

That could prove helpful for law enforcement looking into the DC riot, the Daily Mail stated.

S/he told Gizmodo how she started with the aim of archiving every post since the Capitol riot on January 6. But when it emerged the site would be scrubbed she worked to pull 99 percent of the content on the site.

Whatever “evidence” the hacker has is most certainly in the hands of Amazon and who knows who else.

The hacker did not archive personal information.

The hacker seems pleased that some righ-wing poster warned people who were on Parler that there would be a mass doxxing.

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