Leftist Judge’s Outrageous Decision on the Census Citizenship Question


The American Left has embraced as mainstream, the most radical beliefs they once knew could never work. With the help of the unAmerican ACLU, activist judges, and the socialists/communists in the Democrat Party, they are bringing our nation to its heels.

We have tens of thousands pouring into the country as every Central American city empties out. Most people coming in are dependents and some are criminals and terrorists. They are future Democrat voters, and even if they don’t vote, they can raise Cain at rallies and get counted in the census.


A decision this past week about the 2020 Census is a case in point. Illegals get counted for the purpose of assembly seats locally and in the U.S. Congress. Every 600,000 counts for another seat in the U.S. Congress. They sway our policies and have done so for some time.

We will have at least a million coming across this year without counting those Border Patrol doesn’t catch and all the people who overstay their visas. They will one day vote Democrat, but, in the meantime, as they wait for amnesty, they will collect benefits and demand more. As their numbers grow, so will their power.

Wilbur Ross tried to put a question on the 2020 Census asking about citizenship.

A federal judge on the 9th Circuit, an Obama appointee, ruled Wednesday that the administration doesn’t have the authority to impose the question.

The administration most certainly has the right, and a question about citizenship status has been included in censuses in the past.

According to U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg of the Northern District of California, the question is not allowed because Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross didn’t give a good enough reason.

There is no reason this judge would have accepted and, the federal government doesn’t have to give some judge in California a good enough reason.


He also accused the administration of racism. But wanting to know who’s coming in illegally is not racist.

“Secretary Ross’s reliance on Voting Rights Act enforcement to justify the inclusion of the citizenship question was a mere pretext and the definition of an arbitrary and capricious governmental act,” Seeborg wrote in his ruling, claiming that including a citizenship question “threatens the very foundation of our democratic system.”

“Moreover, Secretary Ross’s conclusion that adding the citizenship question would enable the Census Bureau to obtain more ‘complete and accurate data’ in response to the Justice Department’s request is not only unsupported, it is directly contradicted by the scientific analysis contained in the Administrative Record,” Seeborg continued.

Who is this person to tell the Executive Branch they can’t do what is legally justified?

Someone needs to tell this judge that the USA is a Republic, not a democracy.

The real problem is California is afraid that the illegal aliens in the country will be afraid to report they are foreign nationals and won’t fill out the census. That means they won’t be counted for the purpose of Assembly seats and funding.

The other issue we think is at play is they don’t want Americans to know how many illegals are in the country. It’s obviously not eleven million.

The ruling will be overturned at the Supreme Court in all likelihood if they pick it up, but they might not have time.

Another ruling this week mandates full appeal rights for every person who claims to be an asylum seeker and to allow it for any petty reason. It’s another open borders policy.

Read about that here:

Cali Court Ruling Allows Illegals Full Appeal Rights Over Trivia

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