Leftist reporter to sue Target after shaming employee but there’s a happy ending


Leftist journalist David Leavitt tried to publicly humiliate a Target employee over a toothbrush that was incorrectly labeled for one cent. It was an Oral B electric toothbrush. One must wonder how it got mismarked.

In any case, he called the police on the manager, a woman named Tori. He probably wanted to get her fired.

He thought it was quite a big deal that he didn’t call 911. How nice of him to say it wasn’t an emergency.


He plans to sue and claims he can’t afford to go to a dentist. Where is the violin?

Leftists love to make life miserable for people.

Funny Twitter personality @Carpe Donktum decided to set up a GoFuneMe page for Tori so she could take a nice vacation.

So far, the effort has raked in $19,500 for Tori. She is now in control of the account, and, fortunately, there are a lot more nice people than Leavitts.

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