Leftist Tom Steyer Explains How They Will Impeach Trump


Wealthy industrialist Tom Steyer funds the hard-left causes that are helping to put these socialist and communist politicians in office. Over the weekend, in an op-ed for the NY Times, he laid out the case to be made for impeaching the President.

Most of all, he doesn’t like how the President, who works for free, makes his money. Steyer also believes Trump’s an unindicted co-conspirator in federal felonies, has obstructed justice, and is lawless.

The New York Times excerpt:

For nearly two years, Mr. Trump has publicly flouted his oath of office. He has turned the presidency into a moneymaking enterprise for a family business he refuses to divest from, in direct violation of any plain reading of the Constitution. He is all but an unindicted co-conspirator in two federal felony cases. He has created an atmosphere of criminality through his hateful, violent rhetoric against political opponents, journalists and private citizens alike.

Most egregiously, he has a longstanding pattern of obstructing justice. On Wednesday, he continued this by firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and installing Matthew Whitaker — who has publicly called for curtailing the special counsel’s investigation — as acting attorney general, sparking a constitutional crisis that threatens the rule of law itself.

As the list of Mr. Trump’s impeachable offenses — at least nine and counting — has grown, more than 6.2 million people across the country have signed a petition, created by my organization Need to Impeach, demanding that their representatives confront his lawlessness. For months, public support for impeaching the president has been roughly equal to what it was before Richard Nixon resigned.

The ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors” cited in the Impeachment Clause does not necessarily mean criminality. It is a political tool and it is what the majority says it is. If the majority agrees, it’s anything they say it is.

For now, Nancy Pelosi wants to see a crime and not use a political reason, but Al Green, Maxine Waters, and Alexandria Cortez want to impeach him because they disagree with him.

Many believe the impeachment clause was intended for a President who will not execute his duties. To the hard-left — the Democrats — his duties are to do as they say.

In summation, Steyer writes, “For months, public support for impeaching the president has been roughly equal to what it was before Richard Nixon resigned.”

The left will and can use anything they want to impeach Donald J. Trump if they can get the majority to agree. It won’t go anywhere because the Republicans hold the Senate.

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