Leftists Push “to Deny Right to Protest to American Citizens”


Donald Trump posted to TruthSocial earlier. He said that Joe Biden filled up the Manhattan D.A.’s Office with DOJ operatives from D.C. Mr. Trump has also called for people to protest since news of the arrest was announced, and the left is trying to make anyone who protests for the former president into an ‘insurrectionist.’

The Left is going off the rails over this potential arrest. They accuse Donald Trump of inciting another ‘insurrection’ because he called for a protest.

Black Lives Matter “mostly peaceful” protest burning buildings down.

There is nothing wrong with calling for a protest. The left is trying to remove the right to protest from their political opponents. If opponents protest, an army of screaming radicals immediately calls them domestic terrorists or insurrectionists. When Antifa and Black Lives Matter riot, the Vice President raises money for their bail.

The Left has no regard for democracy or the Constitution.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton has been a warrior for fairness for Donald Trump. He believes the arrest of Donald Trump is to distract from the Biden family corruption.

Denying Protest for Malicious Prosecution

Donald Trump tweeted earlier that one of the DOJ operatives runs the Stormy ‘Horseface’ Daniels case. Donald Trump dubbed his prostitute accuser, Stormy “Horseface” Daniels.

Alvin Bragg reopened the investigation into Daniel’s case in January of this year.

Mr. Trump believes Joe Biden and his DOJ are behind this malicious prosecution.

On Sunday, Mr. Trump tweeted: “Biden wants to pretend he has nothing to do with Manhattan D.A.’s Assault on Democracy when, in fact, he has “stuffed” the D.A.’s Office with Department of Injustice people, including one top DOJ operative from D.C. who is actually running the ‘Horseface’ Witch Hunt. Bragg is a (Soros) Racist in Reverse, who is taking his orders from D.C. I beat them TWICE, doing much better the second time, and despite their DISINFORMATION campaign, they don’t want to run against “TRUMP” or my GREAT RECORD!”

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