WaPo: Fox News is a “hazard to democracy” as war on free speech heats up


Margaret Sullivan

The war on Fox News is back big time, and their on-air competition is leading most of it. However, The Washington Post was in on the act yesterday morning.

Leftist columnist Margaret Sullivan claims Fox News is a ‘hazard to our democracy.’ She believes it’s time to take the Murdochs out. Sullivan says they need to define Fox as the Lies Network. That’s funny coming from WaPo.

“Fox News isn’t a newsgathering organization,” claims press critic Eric Boehlert, arguing in response to the purge that its White House credentials should be revoked.

Boehlert is the fool who wrote a book claiming the liberal media under George W. Bush were lapdogs.

He’s just another hater, but this isn’t about FOX or OANN or Newsmax. It’s about taking away our free speech. Once one amendment is gone, they’re all gone.

If you go to Newsbusters on this link, you can look at all the hate Fox News stories.

Brian Stelter of Reliable Sources, in particular, wants all conservative and Republican networks gone, including OANN and Newsmax, and all the blogs.

CNN’s Unreliable Source announced recently that there can be no unity in America because of our free speech. He is referencing people who make comments he disagrees with.

He bashed Fox in the segment below but look at the chyrons that someone put together. They show how dishonest this guy is.


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